Lead Generation for Small Business

Lead Generation for Small Business

Small business is the front line of entrepreneurship and you have to admire the entrepreneur who builds a successful business with limited resources to work with.  In order for any small business to thrive and grow they have to close sales.  Sales come from leads and led generation is part art and part science.  Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges that small business owners are tasked with.

Lead generation is simply the marketing process that earns you more interest and inquiries from potential customers.  There are several ways you can go about generating more buzz around your products and services.  Here are some tips you can follow to help facilitate your lead generation campaign.

Know your market. You probably assume that everyone you meet can be a potential client or customer.  They aren’t.  You need to define exactly who your customers are, are they business owners or home owners?  The more targeted you can be the easier it will be to generate leads.  You want to find your customers where they live and get your offers in front of them in a language they understand and relate to.

Optimize lead nurturing. Many small businesses struggle to convert their leads into actual paying customers and more often than not the fault lies not with the lead but with the sales team.  You need to nurture your leads in order to turn them into customers.  You need to make sure that there is enough follow up and communication that leads to the decision making point in the sales cycle.  Most sales are done after 5 or more follow up conversations, are you doing enough follow up to get your clients through your door?

Offer quality information. Lead generation is partly dependent on social media and other tools that draw in customers.  That being said your posts need to contain quality and informative content.  That isn’t all you need, you need to have interesting content on your website, landing pages that convert and social media posts that arouse interest.  This is the difference between someone briefly glancing at your brand and taking action to become a buyer.

Lastly, don’t disregard your existing customers or clients. The happier and more satisfied your customers are the better it is for you.  Happy customers tell their friends and colleagues how wonderful it was to work with you.  People who have been referred to you are four times more likely to make a purchase than those who find your business by themselves.  You existing pool of customers are a source of leads you should never overlook.

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